Videos of some of the performances with Niina:

Hanuman Addiction Cycle by Yellow Buoy
(performing, puppet construction, stage design and costumes):

Hanuman Addiction Cycle Teaser from Aura of Puppets on Vimeo.

Prinsessa Hamlet by Aura of Puppets and Turku City Theatre
(making the role of Prinsessa Hamlet with puppet constructed by Heini Maaranen): 

Agony of Emma Eckstein by Teatteri SudenEnne
(Solo paper theatre performance with puppets constructed by Iisa Tähtinen):

Romeo and Juliet by TEHDAS Theatre and Aura of Puppets
(making the roles of Count Paris and Countess Montague
with puppets constructed by Heini Maaranen):

Portwine, Popcorn and Puppetry,
Cabaret OCKRIK,
Fikrabala Cabaret
by KREPSKO Theatre Group
(As a puppet constructor and performer)

Krepsko Theatre Group Cabaret teaser video by Vilja Harjamäki and Juulia Salo